Your brand new shiny IIPImage client server installation does not work? Verify that each component is working properly

  1. Make sure the IIPImage server is running. Point your browser at http://localhost/fcgi-bin/iipsrv.fcgi if you are running the server on your local machine. Replace “localhost” with the server name if not. You should see a page showing the server version number.
  2. If not, make sure your server is properly configured. Check the server error logs and try a test fcgi program.
  3. If you’re server is running fine, but there is an error or the client doesn’t display anything, take a look in the server log file (by default this is in /tmp/iipsrv.log). If there is insufficient detail, increase the verbosity level in the fcgi server configuration section for your web server. If there are errors saying that it is unable to read the image, make sure the path is correct . If so, make sure the image is readable by the server process owner. Note that the image does not need to be writable or in the web server’s web root directory. It can be anywhere in the file system, but simply needs to be accessible by the web server process owner.
  4. The server can read the image, but there are other errors in the server log files. Make sure that the TIFF image is both tiled and in a multi-resolution pyramidal form. You can generate appropriate TIFF files using preferably vips or imagemagick. You can check the format of your TIFF file using the tiffinfo command line utility provided by the libtiff library. The output should list the different resolutions and state the tile sizes at each resolution.
  5. If there are no errors in the server log, but there are still errors, try to type an IIP protocol command directly in your browser address bar. For example http://localhost/fcgi-bin/iipsrv.fcgi?FIF=/path/myimage.tif&wid=200&cvt=jpeg This should display a shrunk jpeg of your image. If not, check again the log file for errors.
  6. If this is OK, but the client still does not work, use firebug to display javascript errors if you are using IIPMooViewer.

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