9:42 am IIIF, JPEG2000

IIPImage has teamed up with Klokan Technologies to make the adoption of IIIF (the International Image Interoperability Framework) and JPEG2000 faster and easier for institutions seeking to implement the IIIF standard.

IIIFServer is a high performance IIIF 2.1 image server that has been optimized for fast efficient use with IIIF and JPEG2000. The server is based on IIPImage and includes licensing for the proprietary Kakadu codec, which provides the fastest JPEG2000 decoding speed currently available.

IIIFServer is available as fully tested, ready-to-install binary packages for both Windows and Linux and is available for both non-profit and commercial use.

Binary packages exist for 64 bit Windows as well as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Redhat. In addition, IIIFServer can be installed through a Docker container. To download the packages, see the IIIFServer download page.

These binaries provide demo functionality by default and it is possible to purchase non-profit, single server commercial or multi-server commercial licensing. Pricing and online purchase is available directly from the IIIFServer website.

The OpenLayers v3 based IIIFViewer is also available, which is optimized for mobile use and uses WebGL hardware accelerated rendering, providing a fast powerful front-end to IIIFServer.



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