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The IIPImage server, iipsrv, runs on all UNIX-based operating systems and has been supported on Solaris for many years.

A binary distribution of iipsrv version 1.0 is now available for the latest version of Solaris, Solaris 11.3, for x86-based systems:

This distribution contains both 32bit (x86_32/iipsrv.fcgi) and 64bit (x86_64/iipsrv.fcgi) compiled IIPImage server binaries (iipsrv.fcgi) for Intel-based x86 Solaris and an Apache 2.2 configuration file.


The following instructions are for installation with the Apache web server. For use with other servers such as Lighttpd or NginX or for use in stand-alone mode, see the IIPImage server documentation.

Solaris 11.3 includes a distribution of version 2.2 of Apache by default. The Apache mod_fcgid FCGI module, however, needs to be installed. This can be easily done through the default Solaris package manager.

Once installed, you will need to modify the included mod_fcgid file (/etc/apache2/2.2/conf.d/fcgid.conf) as it is unable to run as-is due to a permissions issue. You will need to do this either as the root user or using the sudo command. Find the entries for FcgidProcessTableFile and FcgidIPCDir and modify them to point to different locations as follows:

FcgidProcessTableFile /var/run/apache2/fcgid_shm
FcgidIPCDir /tmp/fcgid.sock

Once you have done this, you will need to install iipsrv and configure Apache accordingly. First create a directory for FCGI executables:

% mkdir /var/apache2/2.2/fcgi-bin

Download the iipsrv Solaris distribution: iipsrv-1.0-solaris11.tar.bz2 and extract the contents. Inside you will find both 32bit (x86_32/iipsrv.fcgi) and 64bit (x86_64/iipsrv.fcgi) binaries, an example Apache configuration file and both a README for Solaris and one for iipsrv generally. Copy either the 32bit or 64bit iipsrv.fcgi binary included in this distribution to the FCGI directory you created above (64bit in the following example):

% cp x86_64/iipsrv.fcgi /var/apache2/2.2/fcgi-bin/

mod_fcgid uses a shared memory file by default. However, the subdirectory isn’t created by default, so you will need to create it:

% mkdir /var/run/apache2/2.2

An example configuration file (iipsrv.conf) is included with this distribution for use with mod_fcgid. Modify the configuration file if you wish (see the server documentation for details on available parameters) and copy this to the default location for Apache configuration files

% cp iipsrv.conf /etc/apache2/2.2/conf.d/

The configuration file sets the iipsrv log file location to /var/log/ which requires the web server to have write permission. If you have modified this to point to somewhere like /tmp/ you may skip this step:

% touch /var/log/iipsrv.log
% chown webservd /var/log/iipsrv.log

Finally enable and restart Apache via the svcadm command:

% svcadm enable apache2
% svcadm restart apache2

Open your web browser at http://localhost/fcgi-bin/iipsrv.fcgi. You should see the iipsrv info page. If not, check the iipsrv log file and Apache log files. Follow the IIPImage troubleshooting guide if necessary.


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