IIPImage Analytics: IIPAnalyze 0.2 Released

8:13 pm Analytics, New Release

Version 0.2 of our analytics tool, IIPAnalyze is now available! This version adds user agent filtering as well as histograms showing user activity over time. The following histograms, for example, show how the frequency of tile requests made (by all users and only Firefox users) varies with time after the users first load the IIPImage viewer for our Marble Earth demo.

Frequency of Tile Requests over Time for Marble Earth by Firefox Users

Tile Request Frequency for Marble Earth by all Users over First 2 Minutes

It is also possible to just look at just one particular user and how their tile requests vary with time. This is the request pattern of a random IP address viewing the Marble Earth IIPImage demo showing the first minute or so of activity.

Tile Request Frequency for a Random IP address

See the analytics documentation page for more information and the list of options. You can download the latest stable release of IIPAnalyze from our download page or fork the latest development code from the iipanalyze github repository.

Thanks once again to Laurent Le Guen for the updated script.

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