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We now have a basic analytics tool for IIPImage! IIPAnalyze allows you to analyze incoming IIP protocol image requests to the IIPImage server. It can tell you  which are the most viewed regions of a particular image and display histograms showing tile usage, globally or per resolution level. It can also output image hotspot image maps showing visually which regions  of a particular image are most viewed for any given resolution.

Marble Earth: Hotspot map at resolution 9 with gamma 0.8

It simply requires a web server log file from Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx, Tomcat or IIS in the widely used standard Common Log Format. It parses the contents of the log file and compiles a histogram of all requested tiles.

IIPAnalyze is a command line script written in Python and requires the Python Imaging Library in order to generate hotspot maps and (optionally) matplotlib if you want histogram plots.

See the analytics documentation page for more information and the list of options. You can download the latest stable release of IIPAnalyze from our download page or fork the latest development code from the iipanalyze github repository.

Many thanks to Laurent Le Guen, who wrote the script!

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