Titian’s Portrait of a Woman with a Mirror

5:40 pm Client

After last year’s successful exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci’s St John the Baptist in Milan, IIPImage have once again been asked to provide an interactive online application for a new exhibition organized by the City of Milan, the Louvre museum and sponsored by ENI.

This time, the subject of the exhibition is a painting by Titian entitled Portrait of a Woman with a Mirror. This magnificent canvas painting from 1515 is on loan from the Louvre Museum at the Palazzo Marino in Milan until 6 January 2011.  The exhibition web site contains commentary, images and videos on the painting. The IIPImage application allows the user to zoom, navigate and explore in unprecedented detail the high resolution scientific photography of the painting.

Official exhibition website: http://www.milanoallospecchio.it

IIPImage online application: http://merovingio.c2rmf.cnrs.fr/iipimage/ENI_Tiziano/

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