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IIPImage server can also now run with IIS Internet Information Service (>5.1)! See the server section and this HowTo.

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In this HowTo I will explain what are the (easy, thanks IIS developers!) steps to run IIPImageServer on a Windows machine running IIS (at least, IIS 5.1)

This tutorial is intended for people with a minimum knowledge of how to manipulate a configuration file, a running Microsoft IIS server and who can not wait for an installer ;)

1) If is not installed on your machine, install IIS. To do this follow one of the millions of howtos or the originals Microsoft instructions.

2) Test it, if everything is ok and you get your first page, it works ;)

3) Download the latest version of FastCGI for IIS from IIS website (this step is only for IIS 5.1/6 as IIS 7 comes bundled with fastcgi) and install it.

4) Download IIPImageServer and unzip it in a folder (like C:\fcgi-bin for example) .

5) Open your Internet Information Service Manager and create a virtual directory (let me say fcgi-bin) that point to your fcgi repository and give the exec permission.

Screencast showing how to create a virtual directory

6) Also from the Internet Information Service Manager add the handler as described in the Microsoft pages.

7) Create an empty file called IIPImageServer.fcgi in your virtual directory and save it.

8 ) Using your preferred editor (vim) open the fcgiext.ini configuration file (must be in c:\WINDOWS\System32\inetsrv\fcgiext.ini) and substitute the content with:


9) Here we are! Restart IIS from Internet Information Service Manager and open

10) Refer to the IIPImage website to configure the client and the image format!

Now everything should work unless I’ve forgotten something crucial! Send me your comments and I’ll correct the howto.

Stay tuned also for updates as I still need to fix the problems with the parameters to pass to IIPImageServer…

Enjoy IIPImage and don’t forget that you can contribute to the development with donations or with code!

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